Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Kindergarten Classroom 2012-2013

Here is a glimpse of my new classroom at my new school days before school started back on August 6th:

Two Pinterest projects can be seen here. First my "no sew" curtains made with a clever little thing called "stitch witch". Then I have "My 1st Day of Kindergarten" frame.

My Word Wall another Pinterest project. I created the ABC letter which can be found in my TPT store and used scrapbook paper to make the banner. This Word Wall is magnetic so students can take the word they need to their desk to copy.
My Focus Wall and small group teaching table.
I have a connecting door to my teammate!
Love my built-in cubbies!

Yay! I got a SmartBoard! You can also see my Class Library and standards pocket chart. The banner says Common Core.
View from carpet area.
Common Core
Another view
My desk area.
Rearranged boards due to my OCD. I wanted the charts to be lower so they could be interactive. You can also see a glimpse of my Dr. Seuss quote besides the clock: Think and Wonder. Wonder and Think.