Friday, March 14, 2014

Five for Friday Linky Party March 14

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I've been following Christi Fultz on Instagram and have been super curious about Jamberry Nails. Well Monday night I decided I would try it out! Not just the nails but becoming a consultant! I'm so excited to receive my Start Pack and start showing off these awesome nail wraps to my friends! If you're interested in a free sample email me! There's a great Buy 3 get 1 free sale! The designs they come in are hip, cool, pretty and so many to choose from! Join the nail revolution ladies!

On Tuesday I started using these cool whiteboards with my Reading Groups. I bought them at Target's Dollar Spot. The best part about it is that they were 50% off! Score! I dictate a sentence from their story and they write the sentence on the whiteboard. We've been practicing finger spacing, capitalization, punctuation, stretching words and using all the space on the lines before going to the next line. I love it because we are practicing both reading and writing skills at the same time!

Wednesday was our annual Career Day. There entire school participates and we get a great variety of occupations. Kinder classes went through 4 rotations. The top picture shows my class with an officer from the Tucson Police Department. The middle picture show a student with a 911 dispatcher. He is making a 911 call on a pretend phone. The bottom picture shows our Board Member with a Submarine! 

Aw, my lovely daughter! Thursday night was a 5th grade band concert at the high school. Several elementary schools sent kids to this annual event. She was selected from her school to do a solo. She picked Glad You Came from The Wanted. There was some tough low notes on that clarinet but she rocked it!

Finally Friday! Today was a Records Day / Professional Development day for our school. Our morning started with a meeting about Big Universe. Our school is piloting the program. In this picture I just registered and we had time to explore the site. Big Universe has tons of books for our students. You can search by grade level or reading level. Some of the books are even audio books! I already found some books to use with our current Common Core unit called Gravity.

Well that does it for me and my very first Five for Friday! Now gotta get back to those report cards! Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 10, 2014

St Patrick's Day Freebie with Manic Monday

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Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Read Across America Week Linky

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! In celebrating his birthday the kinder team at my school had a Sprit Week. After searching pins and blogs and a little bit of my own creativity this is what our Spirit Week looked like:

Monday –Mustache Monday-Wear Orange
Tuesday-Top Hat Tuesday-Wear Black & White
Wednesday-Wacky Wednesday-Wear Silly Socks
Thursday- Thing 1 & Thing 2 Thursday-Wear Silly Socks
Friday-Funny Food Friday-Wear Green

I’m so sad that I totally forgot to take pictures on Monday. I’ve often said that this is my favorite day of the week because the day just flies by! I guess this is true of Monday cause I spaced it with all the excitement! I found a great video on YouTube of the Lorax. My students were engaged the whole 17 minutes! It also gave me time to pass out all the construction paper each student needed to make the Lorax Mustache headband (hence the name of our spirit day)!

We asked our Kinder Kids to wear Black and White so they could be like the Cat in the Hat’s fur. During class we were supposed to make our own hat but to my surprise when I went outside to pick up my students in the morning they were wearing some paper ones that one of the mom had purchased for everyone at Party City. Later in the day after reading The Cat in the Hat we colored our paper hats and wrote words from the “at” word family on it

Students wore their Silliest Socks! We used a template I found on the internet so that students could draw their silly socks.

I was so excited for this day because of the cutest hats I found from Kreative in Kinder. After we made our hats we sat down and watch a YouTube version of Cat in the Hat while wearing the hats. Here my kinder team and I are posing before the excited kids come in. Our Thing 1 & Thing 2 circles were just printed from the internet and laminated!

My kinder kids knew we were going to be tasting green eggs in advance and boy were they excited! I could hear them at my classroom door early before the bell rang. When they all walked in I had the egg set up on a skillet. We read Green Eggs and Ham then wrote about our experience and our favorite part.
That was our Dr. Seuss/Read Across America week.
Can't wait to do it all over again next year!