Monday, July 21, 2014

Whole Brain Teaching Techniques on Manic Monday

Whole Brain Teaching Techniques
Do you use Whole Brain Teaching Rules? I have created these mini-posters for the techniques that go with the rules. Each technique is designed to fit 1/2 of a page so you can save on ink, paper and bulletin board space! Soon to follow will be the techniques in chalkboard chevron theme!
Includes the following:
Class! Yes!
Teach! OKAY!
Hands & Eyes
Might Oh Yeah!
Mighty Groan!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Chevron Table Signs on Manic Monday

Table Signs FREEBIE!
How do you label your tables? Since I teach kindergarten I've always labled them by color. I love getting coordinating baskets to go with a table color. I just finished the ones I'm using in my classroom this school year. I changed from a zebra and monkey theme to a chevron and ?? theme. Not really sure yet if I'm going to add an animal and which one I'd add. I've seen cute little birdies that coordinate well with chevron but just not sure yet. I do have to hurry as next week I start a Kinder Jump Start program at my school. Either way I just thought I'd share these with you! I have both the chalkboard theme and a ink saving white frame included in the download. Enjoy!

Here's the table by color with the chalkboard frames. I love them!

For those of you all that do your table by number, this is what they look like.
Table by color with a cute dotted line white frame that'll save you on ink!
Table by number with ink saving frames.
Classroom freebies

Monday, July 7, 2014

"How We Go Home" Transportation Clip Chart on Manic Monday

The end of the day is an exciting time in classrooms. Students are scrambling to get their things into their backpacks, cleaning up, putting chairs up, stacking them or whatever system you have in your classroom. This little FREEBIE is a nice visual to your students and even when you have substitute teachers in your classroom. Attach a cute ribbon and hang only the ones necessary for your school/classroom and add to your class decor!

Classroom freebies