Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mindsets Book Study - Chapter 10

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Once again I'm linking up with the Hello Sunshine teacher's blog for their book study on Mary Cay Ricci's Mindsets in the Classroom. Chapter 10 is the Summary.

Adopting the Components
You need:
Educators that Believe.
Students that Understand
(neural connections).
Classrooms that Differentiate.
Opportunities for Critical Thinking.
Focus on Potential.

If you would like a video to show your students here is a short animation to explain the difference between growth and fixed mindsets.

Mary's Story
Mary Cay Ricci herself had a fixed mindset when someone suggested to her that she write a book. She even said "I could never write a book!" With her hard work, effort and perseverance, she succeeded, just like our students can too!

Next up:
Wrap up on June 28th
My in final post I'll write about Appendix A and Appendix B which will include a sample training plan for staff growth mindset professional development and parent newsletter blurbs.

 Hello Sunshine!


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