Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mindsets Book Study - Chapter 6

Welcome Friends!
Once again I'm linking up with the Hello Sunshine teacher's blog for their book study on Mary Cay Ricci's Mindsets in the Classroom. Her book is a wonderful read with each chapter guiding anyone who reads it to a growth mindset school culture. Chapter 6 helps inform of the messages to parents and even how parents can communicate with teachers!

Here is a list of essential concepts to share with parents:
1. Information on growth and fixed mindsets
2. Encouraging resilience
3. Basic brain operations
4. Ways to praise their children.

Way to share essential concepts:
1. School website
2. School social network sites
3. Newsletter blurbs
4. Principal coffee hours 
5. Parent information evening

Suggestions for building resilience:
1. Use growth mindset praise
2. Model flexibility
3. Adopt a "glass half-full mentality in the home
4. Help children find their own niche

Next up:
Chapter 7
Can Gifted Education and a Growth Mindset Belief Co-exist?
Can't wait to find out!

 Hello Sunshine!


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